X-Ray Scanners

We sell two different product ranges of x-ray baggage scanners from selected suppliers. The economic RK range caters for all entry-level applications while the executive R-scan range comes from another leading manufacturer of x-ray baggage screening equipment, offering a larger product variety to suit all requirements, including aviation certification.

For the executive R-scan product range, different language packages are available to choose from for software or manuals; the economic range is only offered in English. Some of our executive products come equipped with network and training mode facilities, TIP (Threat Image Projection), or OTP (Operator Training Projection).

All our x-ray scanners can be set up for authorized network monitoring via Ethernet, Wi-Fi or even the Internet. In addition to the present scan (monitor image), one or two camera images in preview format (picture-in-picture) can be streamed for remote surveillance. From internal networks the scanner's image memory can also be accessed.

We do not only supply, we also offer the full service range from installation and operator training to after-sales services for all major manufacturers, including Rapiscan and Smiths Detection Systems.

NEW: A world first, available from Roteck first!

Dual Tunnel X-ray Scanner

Roteck is proud to introduce the dual scanning system. Two 30x50cm completely independent tunnels housed in a single unit, saving you money, space and energy. The tunnels can operate in either direction, and one operator could be used to monitor both tunnels. Contact us now for more on this unique product!