Mobile Inspection

The MSIU (Mobile Security Inspection Unit) is a versatile and easy-to-transport trailer inspection unit, consisting of everything required for on-the-spot crowd and baggage inspection, including the necessary power supply for all electronic equipment.

Mobile inspection trailer

Above example manufactured by Ostmann-Fahrzeugbau GmbH

The entire unit is built on a new 5x2m specialized German-manufactured trailer with ground-level entrance height and four doors, two entrances and two exits, in order to screen two individuals at a time with walk through metal detectors. Additionally, one or two x-ray baggage scanners can be installed, with all detectors and scanners supervised by one operator.
Mobile inspection inner view

The onboard power system is 12V DC, supplied by high-capacity deep-cycle batteries. Depending on application and location, the batteries can be recharged from solar panels installed on the roof, from the towing vehicle's generator, or from the onboard mains charger. The solar panel is about 10 square meters in size which is sufficient to directly supply the required power drawn from the unit while running, or to recharge the batteries in standby mode. The batteries have about four hours operating capacity each, and more can be added depending on available space and requirements.

There are many applications for temporary employment of such mobile units, school events, harbours, train and bus stations etc. The units can be employed instantly and anywhere - no installation or set-up required.