Impact Panic Alarm

Have you ever tried to reach for or activate your panic button in the event of a robbery or other emergency? Too many of us have unfortunately experienced the uselessness of standard panic buttons, which are often simply out of reach, in another room etc. when a real emergency occurs. For the elderly the Impact Panic Alarm can prove life-saving in many situations where they would otherwise have been unable to summon help.

The Impact-4 Multi Panic Trigger is based on proven locally-manufactured technology and has been designed especially to eliminate the problems associated with activating regular panic buttons through the following features:

The Impact-4 Multi Panic Trigger functions perfectly with any existing alarm system, dialler or silent response radio transmitter. It's available with one to four functional remote buttons, and in various colours.

The built-in rechargeable battery is sufficient for up to five days constant operation without recharge.

Centurion remote unit Centurion remote unit

Above: Four-button Centurion Nova remote, modified as an Impact Panic Alarm.