Most access control systems prevent unauthorized access by limiting access to the authorized persons by using a key-related lock system, card, remote control, biometrics scanning etc. The problem with these systems is that once someone has identified himself to the system to gain access, the systems are unable to monitor or prevent tailgating. Conventional turnstiles help in minimizing this problem but they are costly and hinder the normal flow of traffic whilst also making it more difficult to escape in case of an emergency situation.

The FollowerControl technology is being developed to minimize the problems associated with conventional access control through:

Tailgating is a common “modus operandi” of hijackers and intruders. FollowerControl will be the only product of its kind on the market that addresses and prevents the problem of tailgating, making it more secure and sophisticated than standard electronic access control systems. FollowerControl is compatible with any access control system already installed, thus requiring no additional installation and can easily be removed or relocated if needed.
The unit size is available in different colors, anodized or powder coated.

FollowerControl transmitter and receiver units

Above: The latest version of FollowerControl (transmitter and receiver units)