EMF Weapon Detectors

EMF weapon detectors differ from regular walk through metal detectors in that regular walk through detectors are bulky, heavy and so lack portability. EMF weapon detectors are light-weight and far smaller in dimension, allowing a wider range of applications. Another disadvantage of regular metal detectors is that they detect all types of metal and can produce 'irrelevant' matches, whereas EMF weapon detectors only detect the metal alloys commonly used in weapons.

Roteck EMF weapon detectors can be modified to include a number of add-ons including but not limited to:

EMF weapon detectors are environmentally friendly as they operate with low power consumption and are free of emissions. Their power-saving electronics enables the system to operate by battery or solar power in all portable applications.

Roteck EMF weapon detectors are available in a variety of fixed-frame models anodized in silver, black or bronze (dark and bright), or powder-coated. The frame size can also be made to order. The units are available with or without changeable advertising boards, or for invisible permanent installation in existing passages or doorframes. Collapsible versions are also available with water-proofing to facilitate any outdoor events. PDF iconDownload an EMF detector brochure.