X-ray baggage scanners are commonly used to screen bags, baggage and accessories before entering a walk through metal detector for security screening. Those baggage scanners can penetrate closed bags, boxes etc., but the picture displayed needs to be interpreted and classified to the content from security operators, which are trained in a one or two days course only. For this kind of job in medicine a radiologist has to study several years. But anyway, in many security applications x-ray scanners do not really match customer’s requirements as important information like individual (scratch) marks, serial numbers or barcodes of scanned goods are not visible. X-ray scanners are heavy, power consuming, expensive and a bit dangerous too.

The new developed Roteck V-Scan bag inspection unit is designed for fast, discreet, non contact and non radiation bag screening. It’s easy to operate, light weight, and optional fully battery operated and portable. V-Scan consists from an automatic belt conveyer, a semi closed inspection chamber and a build in high sensitive metal detector for additional threat discrimination. V-Scan does not penetrate closed bags but scans optically open bags and other goods for inspection from different angles and under optimized light condition, even remotely. Additional real time evidence footage is taken from the entry and the exit site of the inspection tunnel and an ID and/or finger print reader can also be employed on request. V-Scan monitors and automatically displays and records up to 6 different internal plus two external views simultaneously, including time stamp and sound.

V-Scan is able to identify and record marks, serial numbers, ID documents, barcodes and any other optical signs for identification and classification without the necessity of interpretation. V-Scan operates with any laptop or computer and cost only a fraction of an x-ray scanner. Screen shoots can be taken from live pictures or from automatic evidence recordings and processed in 3rd party programs like face and/or fingerprint recognition software, or simply printed as a hard copy.

A battery operated hand held unit with a single high resolution mini camera and attached monitor is also available for personal, discreet, and non contact bag and pocket search.

V-Scan is presently available in tunnel sizes 30x30 and 40x40 cm.

click here to view the Bag scan Tutorial.