About Us

Roteck South Africa (Registration No. 2009/022321/23) is a privately-held close corporation, founded in early 2009 and situated in the eastern suburbs of Johannesburg, South Africa. Roteck also operates in Europe, with coverage currently in Germany, Italy, Hungary, France, Switzerland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

What sets us apart from our competitors?

Roteck is a well-known and respected international brand in the detection and inspection industry. Our strengths lie in the variety of products we offer from premium selected sources, and matching our customer budgets and requirements. We also modify and assemble different technologies and equipment for special applications, and enhanced functionality and mobility.

We at Roteck believe strongly in our detection techology, and employ specialized skills refined over many years, not only in sales and installations, but also in identifying common security problems and developing solutions as well as our own range of products. And whatever we do, we do it with passion!

Why choose Roteck?

At Roteck we're able to perform repairs, upgrades and services on site or in our own well-equipped workshop. Our advice is not based on sales brochures or manufacturer-orientated training, we have the knowledge and our simple mission is customer satisfaction.

Our possibilities are endless as we are not limited to a certain manufacturer or product range. We have existing solutions for most customer requirements, and can gladly create new solutions where required. That is our Detection with a Difference...

Put us to the test and join our world of top-quality detection, inspection and security complemented with excellent customer service.

By the way, the meaning of the word Roteck is the (simplified) German translation for 'red corner' - all genuine Roteck products carry this symbol of identity. It's also the German (Austrian) name of the Italian Monte Rosso, the highest peak in the Texel group of the Oetztal Alps.